I’ve Upgraded

Ever since the travel bug bit me, I’ve longed to do an extended bit of traveling. For all sorts of reasons, this has never been possible and with my son starting school soon, time was running out.

I mentioned a 2 month trip to my wife who surprised me by not shooting it down. The 2 month trip became 3 when family decided to move to Australia. This in turn became a 6 month trip when we discovered that estate agencies would not represent our house for anything less than 6 months. I had a chat with the absolute legends I call my client and they’re willing to hire me for some of the time. So for the next 6 months, I’ll be in New Zealand, Australia and then the USA. This will be part work (travel photography) and part holiday - amazingly what I’ve always hoped to do.

If you ever check out my portfolio pages, you will have noticed some changes. Although it might not look like a major upgrade, it took about 2 months to edit through my 6000 image portfolio and to narrow it down to the 100 you see on this site.

In addition to making these portfolio changes, I selected 400 new images and sent them off to Cape Town where my sister works as a professional retoucher. She will be working through the batch over the next 6 months which will give me something to share with you whilst I’m away. The images are of the most important tourist attractions in about 30 different countries. 

Traveling for 6 months with a family is going to create all sorts of stories. If you’re interested in that side of things, check out my wife’s blog where she will be focusing on some of the challenges of traveling as a family. 

If you would like to stay in touch, check my Facebook page or twitter feed for updates when I post something new here. 

And I’m off…