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  1. Taranaki

    2015-12-27 09:37:00 UTC

    Besides the obvious beauty of New Zealand, another reason we wanted to visit was to see good friends in New Plymouth. Whilst there, I got to explore Taranaki, giving myself a bit of time to scratch below the surface.  Taranaki is often bypassed by tourists who choose to visit Bay…

  2. The Coromandel Peninsula

    2015-11-28 10:37:00 UTC

    I’ve seen coastlines on 5 different continents. Up until now, I’ve been convinced that the Wildcoast region of South Africa is untouchable as best coastline in the world. As a former Saffa, I’m a bit dissapointed to admit that it has been bumped down into second. The Coromandel Peninsula now…

  3. Whangarei

    2015-11-23 09:33:00 UTC

    I’m going to leave the North Island of New Zealand with one major, unexpected impression - that of picture perfect beaches. The kind of beaches you expect to find on famous beach islands, like the Maldives.  If empty, perfect beaches appeal to you, the area around Whangarei in the Northland…

  4. The Bay of Islands

    2015-11-21 00:46:00 UTC

    Our first bit of exploring in New Zealand took place in the Bay of Islands. Coming from London, this was a complete change is scenery - wide, open roads, sub-tropical weather and miles of coastline. I particularly enjoyed being woken up by bird calls rather than the morning traffic The…

  5. Auckland

    2015-11-21 00:37:00 UTC

    Twenty five hours is a long time to fly. It is even longer when you have two under 3s with you! To recover, we booked 3 days in Auckland. Whilst we weren’t there to do photography, I couldn’t help spending a few hours shooting.

  6. I’ve Upgraded

    2015-11-09 22:46:00 UTC

    Ever since the travel bug bit me, I’ve longed to do an extended bit of traveling. For all sorts of reasons, this has never been possible and with my son starting school soon, time was running out. I mentioned a 2 month trip to my wife who surprised me by…