The Mother City

I’ve worked in over 50 countries on every inhabited continent in the world. The journey has taken me about 8 years to complete and has led to countless of unforgettable adventures and experiences. Despite having seen most of the world’s most popular attractions, I was never able to name my favourite place to visit.

Until April 2016. That was the date when I had my first experience working in the country of my birth, South Africa. 

The bulk of the work that I did in South Africa was in Cape Town, where I spent 8 days filming and photographing this world class city for Expedia. You would think that originating from a place would dampen the effect it would have on me as a tourist, but not so! The experience in Cape Town pushed it to be my favourite place in the world to visit. 

Here is the guide (in 4K) that Expedia released from the footage I shot and below it is an image gallery of some of my favourite images from the trip. 

If you haven’t done so already, put Cape Town on your list of must see cities.