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  1. 1 Million Eyes on Iceland

    2017-02-27 21:07:00 UTC

    Being a travel photographer means that if I visit a place I really love, I feel a responsibiliy to represent it in a way that will encourage others to visit it too.  I’m a long time fan of Iceland, so when Expedia commissioned me to visit for my 3rd time,…

  2. The Coromandel Peninsula

    2015-11-28 10:37:00 UTC

    I’ve seen coastlines on 5 different continents. Up until now, I’ve been convinced that the Wildcoast region of South Africa is untouchable as best coastline in the world. As a former Saffa, I’m a bit dissapointed to admit that it has been bumped down into second. The Coromandel Peninsula now…

  3. Four Days in London

    2015-11-03 14:19:00 UTC

    I’ve just finished a shoot of London for Expedia. It happened to coincide with two days of fog that was thick enough to cancel flights to and from the capital. It also coincided with one of the most colourful autumns that I’ve experienced in London These are some of my…

  4. Slovakia

    2015-07-13 23:36:00 UTC

    My favourite travel writer, Francis Tapon, spent some time exploring Slovakia and tried his best to find an ugly town. He claims that he could not. I spent one week in Slovakia photographing it for Expedia and I wasn’t any more successful. What a beautiful country Here are a few…

  5. Scottish Highlands

    2015-06-18 07:43:00 UTC

    Living in London, the temptation is always to travel to places that are further afield than Scotland. One tends to overlook that a world class destination right on our doorstep. With my recent visit, this outlook was blown away. I photographed the Highlands and a few of the Isles for…

  6. Iceland 2015

    2015-06-17 22:34:00 UTC

    I spent 8 very cold days photographing Iceland for Expedia in the beginning of June for what was supposed to be the start of summer. Although I didn’t get the weather that I was hoping for, Iceland still ridiculously beautiful and thanks to Game of Thrones, a lot more crowded…