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  1. Searching for Scenery

    2018-02-08 10:39:37 UTC

    Over Christmas 2017, I did something I hadn’t done in years - I went away for a holiday.  I realize how bizarre this must sound; “a professional travel photographer goes away for his first holiday in years”, but trust me, going away on holiday is completely different to traveling for…

  2. Iceland Guide

    2015-12-09 18:58:00 UTC

    The worst question to ask a frequent traveler is “what is the best place you’ve been to?” I can’t possibly answer “best”, but I can tell you what the most picturesque country is - Iceland.  I visited Iceland for the 3rd time in June, 2015 to shoot a guide for…

  3. Iceland - the North

    2015-06-25 21:34:00 UTC

    In the second leg of my Iceland trip (part 1 here), I explored the north east of the country. This area is less pretty but more dramatic than the more popular southern end of the island. For this reason, it is extremely popular for film sets. Akureyri, the main city…

  4. Iceland 2015

    2015-06-17 22:34:00 UTC

    I spent 8 very cold days photographing Iceland for Expedia in the beginning of June for what was supposed to be the start of summer. Although I didn’t get the weather that I was hoping for, Iceland still ridiculously beautiful and thanks to Game of Thrones, a lot more crowded…

  5. In Retrospect

    2014-08-05 14:28:20 UTC

    For the first time since February, I’ve got a few days off. It’s basically half way through the year, so I picked out some of my favourite images since February. I try do this as often as possible as it make it shows me where I need to improve and…

  6. Switzerland - Road Tripping

    2014-06-17 16:42:41 UTC

    I had a two hour drive from Interlaken to Locarno in Switzerland. It is only a 75km drive, but it goes through the Alps, which means you need to drive slowly. It is spectacularly scenic and for that reason, many people do the drive just for fun. Here are the…