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  1. Auckland

    2015-11-21 00:37:00 UTC

    Twenty five hours is a long time to fly. It is even longer when you have two under 3s with you! To recover, we booked 3 days in Auckland. Whilst we weren’t there to do photography, I couldn’t help spending a few hours shooting.

  2. Gdansk

    2015-04-25 11:39:00 UTC

     Gdansk was the last city I visited as part of my Poland trip for Expedia and what a great way to end! Gdansk is an interesting mix of Amsterdam and Brugge with a slight Swedish influence on the architecture. It is a fascinating city, rich in stories, both ancient and…

  3. Poznan

    2015-04-23 20:29:00 UTC

    Poznan was the fourth Polish city I visited for Expedia after Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. Unfortunately, I only had a short time to explore the city (half a day), but the time was enough to convince me that Poznan is a world class city, well worth visiting Interior of the…

  4. Wroclaw

    2015-04-22 21:47:00 UTC

    The Bishop’s Palace on Cathedral Island. Cathedral Island as viewed from the Cathedral Tower. The main bridge leading to Cathedral Island.  The bridge still has bullet holes from WWII. Students enjoying the view of the university from Student Island. There are hundreds of these gnomes spread throughout the city. The…

  5. Krakow

    2015-04-21 18:48:00 UTC

    I spent an incredible two weeks in Poland as part of a job for Expedia. After Warsaw, I got to visit Krakow, one of Europe’s best preserved medieval cities. As it turned out, it was the contemporary art, architecture and food scene that impressed me the most MOCA - contemporary…

  6. Warsaw

    2015-04-19 20:57:00 UTC

    Poland has some great, trendy options for eating out. This was one of the first suspension bridges in Poland and featured in many of the rom coms made in Poland. The National Stadium, built for the Euro tournament. The public transport system is excellent in Warsaw. Most of the museums…

  7. In Retrospect

    2014-08-05 14:28:20 UTC

    For the first time since February, I’ve got a few days off. It’s basically half way through the year, so I picked out some of my favourite images since February. I try do this as often as possible as it make it shows me where I need to improve and…