1. Venice - Candid

    2014-07-03 21:49:20 UTC
    This is exactly what it looks like - me hiding in a tunnel, waiting for people to walk past. Hopefully, it appeals to the people watchers out there.

  2. Bologna - Authentic Italy

    2014-06-28 05:44:51 UTC
    I had a spare couple of hours in Bologna, so I decided to walk around with my camera without any ideas of what and how I should photograph. One of the features of Bologna that I’ve loved is how full the old town is of locals, living, working and enjoying…

  3. Switzerland - Road Tripping

    2014-06-17 16:42:41 UTC
    I had a two hour drive from Interlaken to Locarno in Switzerland. It is only a 75km drive, but it goes through the Alps, which means you need to drive slowly. It is spectacularly scenic and for that reason, many people do the drive just for fun. Here are the…

  4. Switzerland - Lake Geneva

    2014-06-12 07:10:28 UTC
    I had a 2 hour drive to do after spending the sunset here (at 10pm), but it was so worth it. Switzerland turning on the magic.

  5. Switzerland - Geneva

    2014-06-09 12:28:17 UTC
    I’ve spent a couple of days in Geneva, enjoying the Swiss, summer sun. What impresses me most about Geneva is how much the locals seem to enjoy outdoor life. Whether its an outdoor picnic at night along the banks of the lake or a long distance swim, everyone seems to…

  6. Turkey - Goreme

    2014-05-28 07:28:00 UTC
    I’m nearing the end of a month long trip to Greece and Turkey for Expedia. I planned the trip to end with Goreme, Cappadocia as it is one of my favourite places in the world and I always try to finish well Last night, I planned to spend the evening…